Expert Solicitor Will Writing

Will writing is a specialised task that we recommend you do not carry out yourself.

The number of problems that we have seen over the years stem mainly from 2 things that you can control.

The first is not writing it yourself. Make sure you use a solicitor whom is an expert in the last will and testament arena.

The second, do not use so called experts whom are not solicitors. The same as above, only that you can hire an expert to write your will for you, only to find out that when it comes to your loved ones exercising that will through probate it is not worth the paper it is written on.

Moral of the story, always try and use a solicitor whom writes wills for a living. This way you can rest assured everything will be done correctly and be legally binding.

Double check with the beneficiaries of past clients. That way you’ll get a gauge of how good they are at their will writing job.

One final note, be very mindful that sometimes there are disputes. Do not worry about this if you talk to people whom have been wrapped up in probate and will disputes.

There is always someone who believes they are entitled to something on someone’s death. Sometimes these are legitimate, other times not. We can can not change what happens in these circumstances so it is always best to make sure your will is iron clad and bullet proof.