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If you are the most people, finding a skilled solicitor at a reasonable price can work as a daunting task. This is because very few people fortunately rarely need a lawyer and therefore have limited experience and insight into the market. So where do you start? What do you really need? What should a lawyer cost? The questions are many in this tradition-bound industry which, for a long time at the expense of consumers, has benefited from the lack of transparency in the market.

ASM Brum is Birmingham’s largest intermediary of legal services. Our primary mission is based on a desire to make the market for legal services transparent and accessible to private and business customers. Our service translates into the fact that we provide you with 3 comparable offers that match your personal needs and preferences, so you are in the best position to find your next lawyer. We do this completely free and non-binding.

Our valuable network consists of several dog-ready independent law firms in the country. This allows us to meet all kinds of needs – large and small. So whether you are looking for a lawyer for a small, individual task, such as a The creation of a will, or you seek a firm cooperation with a professional lawyer, we have the candidates.

All you have to do is fill out our contact form. After only 48 hours, you will be able to find 3 relevant and comparable offers on hand.

Not everyone must call themselves a solicitor

The title lawyer is a protected title for will writers in the UK. This means, in practical terms, that certain conditions need to be met before a lawyer can be called. First of all, you have to be a trained lawyer through university. Then you must have 3 years of experience as a paralegals at a law firm. If you have completed your master’s degree after 1 January 1997, you must also carry out the legal training. The training takes one year and ends with a written and a practical test. Only then can you call yourself a lawyer. Therefore, a lawyer often also has greater knowledge as well as experience compared to a lawyer, which is often also reflected in the price.

Read more about the difference between a lawyer and a lawyer here.

But simply because you are a lawyer, it does not mean that you can take all the cases. A newly trained lawyer has only been admitted to the District Court, which is the first and lowest court. Once the lawyer has gained experience as a procedural person, he can then obtain the right of attorney in the District Court, which is the next and middle court. However, the lawyer must first pass two test cases in the Court in order to achieve this. After that, the lawyer must write one (L) after his name. The last and top court is the Supreme Court. If the lawyer obtains an audience here, he or she must write an (H) surname.

The ability of each lawyer to bring cases high in the judicial system is of great importance in the case of appeals. Thus, if you have a case that is appealed to a higher court than the lawyer has admitted, you may have to replace the lawyer. In addition, the lawyer’s meeting may also have an impact on the lawyer’s price. A lawyer with the right of the Supreme Court will most likely be more expensive than a lawyer who has only been admitted to the District Court.

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The solicitors duties

In Birmingham, all lawyers can in principle take all types of tasks. However, specialization has become widely used in the law industry especially among the major law firms. Below you will find some of the usual tasks that a lawyer is dealing with and which may also be relevant to you.

  • Last Will & Testament
    A Testament is a document in which you describe how your values should be distributed after your death. Please note that according to the law of inheritance, 25% of your inheritance is due to your potential heirs and spouse. This is also called the will. Life heirs cover children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc. If you do not have a life heirs or spouse, you can thus testers 100% of your values.It can be very sensible to have a testament prepared if you are not married to your partner, or in the case of brought together families where there are children from previous conditions.
  • Prenuptial
    When you enter into marriage in the West Midlands, you automatically get a wealth community. This means that when the marriage is broken up in the event of death or divorce, the assets are divided completely equally. If one person has a great fortune, a company or perhaps quite the reverse a big debt, this may not be the ideal solution. A Genuine covenant is thus a legal document which allows you to share one’s assets on request for an existing or future marriage.The alternative to common ownership is a separate one, of which there are several different types of specific shrimp. The two most common versions are: Completely separate and divorce. By completely separate the values are divided into yours and mine, both at the conclusion of the marriage and in the future. In the case of divorce, the values are only divided in the event of divorce. In the event of death, joint ownership will continue to exist.
  • Property Attorney – rectification of property trades including deed writing and registration
    When you buy a property, we will always recommend that you associate a housing attorney who can help with the rectification of the deal. A correction of the trade covers the fact that the lawyer assists with assistance so that the trade proceeds in a planned manner. The lawyer typically reviews and approves the purchase agreement, writes the deed, and things then lightup. In addition, the lawyer assists with ongoing advice to the buyer. The lawyer may, if desired, also take the form of a change of ownership insurance and the preparation of the reimbursement statement. Read more about the property attorney here.
  • Divorce
    A divorce is for most a hard and emotional process to be through. A lawyer can help make this happen as painless as possible. Typically, the lawyer assists with ongoing advice, thereby ensuring your rights. In addition, the lawyer also helps with the division where the various assets are distributed.
  • Estate
    In the event of a death, the deceased’s estate must be measured. Here, the surviving family has several different options for finding the estate.In private shifts, the heirs themselves are to distribute the estate after the deceased. This typically happens through the use of a lawyer who stands for all the practical things, such as The opening status, the settlement, contact with the court, etc. Attaching a lawyer can quickly prove to be a good investment. In addition to facilitating the process, the lawyer can also minimise the inheritance tax that the heirs have to pay. A private shift is only possible if there is agreement among the heirs around the distribution of the inheritance and that the assets of the estate exceed the liabilities so that there is money to distribute.The Unchanging stay is another option if the deceased is not the longest living in a marriage. This will postpone the shift so that the surviving spouse can remain in the estate. Only when the longest living dies will the estate be changed for both pre-dead and longest living. Please note that if pre-dead have children from previous conditions, their permission is required for surviving survivors to sit in the estate.

    If the conditions for a private change cannot be met or if the heirs do not wish to have anything to do with the estate, the bankruptcy court appoints an administrator. The disadvantage of an estate manager is that this is more expensive than a lawyer, and in addition has limited contact with the heirs. A trustee is typically a lawyer who, like private shifts, runs the estate.

  • Collection
    Companies as well as private individuals may come out to have a bad payer. In particular, companies choose to associate a lawyer who can assist with proper collection and collection procedures. It is very important that the procedure should follow the rules laid down in this respect, so that it is very easy for companies, in particular, to assign a lawyer to withdraw their receivables. If the case is in the bailiff’s court, recourse to a lawyer may also be advantageous.
  • Business lawyer
    Professional lawyers carry out a wide range of tasks in the field of business law, such as the Company Incorporation, business transformation, acquisitions, tax consultancy, employment law, marketing, patents, drafting and review of contracts, etc.

The above work areas are just a subset of the many different tasks that a lawyer is involved in. If you ask a lawyer who specializes in a field not mentioned here, we would ask you to contact us as West Midlands’s largest independent network of lawyers has the opportunity to meet virtually any kind of needs.

Large price differences for solicitors

In Birmingham there is free price formation. This means that the lawyer himself sets his fee. For you as a consumer, this means that you may encounter very large price differences for exactly the same performance. What a lawyer costs can thus depend on many different factors. As mentioned earlier, it plays a role in which the court attorney has been admitted. If the lawyer specializes in a particular field of work and has special competencies, this can also help to push up the price.

By using ASM Wills Birmingham you have the opportunity to receive 3 non-binding and comparable offers from various lawyers.With 3 offers on hand, you make sure you get a fair price from your attorney.

How ASM Wills Birmingham helps you find just the right solicitor

ASM Wills Brum is the West Midlands’s largest intermediary of legal services inc. Wills Trusts LPA Birmingham. Together with our network of hundreds of lawyers across the country, we have managed to help more than 30,000 Danes find just the right lawyer.

Based on the completed contact form, we collect 3 offers from attorneys who best match your needs and criteria.Our broad network of collaborators enables us to find 3 specialists for the exact legal query. Among these specialists we work together with the smaller independent lawyers to the very large law firms. In short, we can accommodate even the most specific queries.

Within 48 hours, you will receive 3 relevant and comparable legal offers that match your wishes.
ASM Wills Birmingham creates transparency for your benefit. With 3 deals on hand, we not only strengthen your decision base, we also save you time and money.